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Discover the Journey from Prison to Power with the Official Queen of Street Literature

Book Wahida for an Unforgettable Speaking Experience

Book Wahida for an Unforgettable Speaking Experience
Wahida Clark
Embark on the remarkable journey of Wahida Clark - an author, mentor, and motivational speaker whose life story is as inspiring as her literary works. Serving 9 ½ years in federal prison, Wahida turned adversity into opportunity, hand-writing 7 novels that launched her to bestseller status. With 26 books and over 150 published titles, she's not just a literary icon but a beacon of hope and resilience.

Four-time New York Times Bestselling Author
● Authored 27 Books and Published Over 150 Titles
● Founder of Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection       Services
● Exclusive US Content Provider for Prison Tablets
● Celebrity Book Writing and Branding Coach
● Creator of "The Storytime" & "The Academic Author" K-12 and Higher Education Curricula's
Wahida Clark
Meet Wahida Clark, a four-time New York Times Bestselling Author and a transformational TedX speaker. From penning novels on yellow legal pads in prison to becoming a literary sensation, Wahida's story is nothing short of extraordinary.

Speaking Topics

Core Message: 
The Power of Self-Belief and Commitment

● Believe, Commit, Achieve: This session includes interactive activities to help the audience set personal goals, map out steps for achievement, and develop a commitment plan to stay motivated.

● From Worst to First: Wahida's "From Worst to First" philosophy showcases that one's past does not define their future. She shares her transformative journey, proving that with belief and commitment, anyone can rise from challenges to success.
& Praise
Christoper "Drumma Boy" Gholoson
"Working with with Wahida Clark was a game changer! They guided me through the writing process and the finishing the book process and helped me share my story. I landed on Fox 5 Atlanta, Revolt TV-Big Facts, Sway in the Morning,  V-103, Ebony Magazine and more!" said Christopher 'Drumma Boy' Gholson, renowned Grammy Award Winning Producer.

Wahida Clark is a four-time New York Times Bestselling Author and a TedX speaker. She's not just a book publishing and writing coach but also has a life story fit for the big screen. During her 9 ½-year incarceration, Wahida enrolled in a creative writing course and hand wrote 7 novels on yellow legal pads, a practice she continues today. Before being released, she secured a literary agent and struck deals with two major publishing houses. 

To date, she has authored 26 books and published over 150 titles. Beyond writing, Clark is a motivational speaker and mentor, inspiring audiences in juvenile facilities, schools, halfway houses, prisons, and organizations around the country to dream big and make the most of their time.

As a four-time New York Times bestselling author of 26 books, Wahida Clark is hailed as the Official Queen of Street Literature. Her journey is far from ordinary: she served 9 1/2 years in federal prison, where she not only founded a publishing company but also caught the eye of Martha Stewart, who reviewed her business plan. 

Today, she serves as a mentor and President of Prodigal Sons and Daughters Redirection Services, a 501(c)(3) focused on mental and behavioral health, substance abuse, and life skills training. Known for her transformative "From Worst to First" philosophy, she emphasizes that one's past does not define their future and is the epitome of ‘From Prison To Power.’

Wahida Clark has sold over 1.5 million books, published more than 150 titles, and just signed on as the Exclusive US Content Provider of books, film and music on prison tablets, solidifying her reputation as a Distribution Queen in the literary world. She also excels as a Celebrity Book Writing Coach and Book Branding Coach, empowering others to share their stories. With a history of youth development work for disenfranchised communities, she embodies the essence of resilience and innovation, making her an inspiring speaker for a diverse range of audiences.

Other Services

  • Book Branding 
  • Book Marketing 
  • Book Revenue Generation
  • ​Book Starer Package 
  • ​Memoirs, Fiction, Autobiographies, etc.
  • ​Current Book Audit (Cover, title packaging)
  • ​Brand Audit
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  • ​Graphic Design Services
  • ​Consulting on How To Self-Publish
  • Fast Track Author Success Package
  • AskAble 20™ Session
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  • ​Refine and Outline Book
  • ​Transcription of Audio Sessions
  • ​New York Times Award Winning Book Cover Design
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